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Advenapop - Mystery Events takes life out of the ho-hum ordinary and into the extraordinary! Besides the Event Category and Price, each event is a surprise! Swat away boredom, and join us for some fun!

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Step 1: Newsletter

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Step 2: Find an Event

The first round of events in Omaha, NE will be announced very soon! You will know the topic of the event, but not much else...
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Step 3: Grab Your Spot!

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Step 4: Info Email

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Sept 20 Advenapop Party: Mystery Theme 80′s Night at Barley’s Bar

We wear our sunglasses at advenapop 80s night

advenapop-80s-party-poster-18Our first event was amazing!!! Thanks to everyone who came out to play.  The surprise party theme was 80′s Night! We all danced so hard our feet fell off.

Visit our Pinterest Page for 80′s Party Theme Decor and Ideas!

More pictures here on the Advenapop Facebook Page:

Why we all need to have more fun


Often times when I think of the words “anti-aging” my type A side (which is the bigger side) comes out and I think “yes, anti-aging, there is so much to do, so I don’t age!” Then, I get overwhelmed thinking about the amount of berries I need to eat, the sunscreen I need to apply, the meditating/walking/yoga I need to schedule and tick off as accomplished, the flattering pants/eye cream/salmon I need to buy. All in the name of looking 25 forever!  In my overwhelmed state, I then decide the best thing to do is instead watch a mindless episode of “House Hunters.”

So, I was extremely happy to read an article in Real Simple Magazine this month called “Seven Keys to Healthy Aging” that turned my prospective around on “anti-aging” and whether or not it was the intention of the article, inspired me to focus on all the FUN things I could do to stop the clock in my brain and body.  (This also vindicated the creation of my new side project “Advenapop.” More on that at later.)

Here is my take away and application from this article:

1. My workouts do not need to kill me. My daily 45 min walk and 4-5 times a week yoga is really all I need in addition to developing all the super fun hobbies I can think of. I DO want to garden more. I absolutely want to get better on home maintenance, landscaping and installation decorating. I will become a better cook, and I will ENJOY it all. As an always needed reminder – I will live longer if I breathe deeper and take care of my body with low impact, frequent, FUN activities.

2. This one is my favorite: My friends will keep me young. According to the article, having close friends/family often will off set the affects of aging in the body, and “being among friends is relaxing, which lowers blood pressure and promotes healing.”  And here is a real shocker, “In a 2010 study on social relationships and mortality risks published in Plos Medicine, a scientific journal, researchers concluded that the influence of insufficient social relationships on the risk of death is comparable with well-established risk factors for mortality, such as smoking and obesity.” Yikes!  We are in a wonderful community of yogis, built in friends, ready to sweat and party, sometimes at the same time. So, let’s embrace this fun as often as possible! Also, as an added bonus, it turns out that being nice to our friends and looking out for both friends and strangers will add on the healthy years.

3. Finally, it excites me to think that LEARNING is one of the big ways we can stay young. I love learning new things, or challenging my neuro-pathways to bend and contour into new paths. Being a student of life is one of the most fun, dynamic roles we can play, and I am already making my list of subjects I want to focus on and learn: writing, gardening, math, dancing, cooking, piano playing.

Speaking of neuroplasticity (that’s what we have been talking about) more and more I am convinced that life needs to be more fun. Yes, things need to get done, but why have we decided that the must be done in such a begrudging sort of way. Why, in the past, have I decided to force myself to stay on a treadmill for just 5 more minutes, when I could have instead been moving my body in a fun way (dancing in the basement maybe? or surrounded by like-minded people at a yoga class?) and reaping ten-fold mental benefits from all the shared positive energy?

So, in the spirit of FUN. We created Advenapop Mystery Events. These are fun events where you and your friends (both ones you came with and ones you will meet) are treated to a mysterious adventure, guaranteed to keep you young and fun.  Here is how it works. Advenapop has events in many categories. You pick an event category and date when the event is being held and register in advance. So, for instance, you could pick the Ladies Night Category, or the Fitness Category, or the Family Fun Category and all you will know is the category name. We send you an email 24 hours before the event with an address to show up at and if there is anything you need to bring or wear, and that is it!  Think of all the ant-aging going on here – new neuropathways being formed, adventure and activity releasing endorphins, and your friends there showering you with positive energy.

Advenapop is now forming an event newsletter list, and if I were you, I would join it so you don’t miss out on any event announcements.  The act of signing-up for the newsletter alone will probably add 5 more years to your life. (wink).

The First Mystery Event!


We are so excited for our very first Mystery Event!

We invite you to come make history with us!